Senior Researcher – Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI)

Deadline: 15th September 2022

Employer: CMI – Chr. Michelsen Institute

Municipality: Bergen

Scope: Fulltime

Duration: Permanent

Place of service: CMI, Jekteviksbakken 31, Bergen, Norway

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CMI invites engaged, entrepreneurial, and academically strong researchers to apply. We are looking for an established researcher with a proven academic track record, but early career researchers may also apply. The researcher is expected to start in the last quarter of 2022.

As a researcher at CMI, you share our vision to generate and communicate knowledge for global development and justice. Our researchers produce high quality research addressing key development challenges. Join us in using research knowledge to inform and impact policy and practice, and actively engage with policy makers, practitioners, and the academic community.

You will be a key part of developing new projects and acquiring project funding in the field of tax and public finance and be a valued team member who contributes to building a strong research group and fostering an enabling work environment.

Join the Tax and Public Finance group at CMI

The tax and public finance group at CMI seeks a quantitatively oriented economist or political scientist with research interests in taxation, and preferably a geographic focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. Candidates with strong quantitative skills from other disciplines such as anthropology, history or sociology will also be considered.

The candidate must have a high willingness and interest in conducting field work and data collection in low- and middle-income countries, and an interest in engaging with relevant stakeholders in both Norway and the countries of research.

The new Senior Researcher will be included in the tax research group at CMI. The group uses a variety of methods and data sources, including experiments, surveys, historical and qualitative data. The candidate will be engaged in ongoing research and is also expected to contribute to the design of new projects and applications for research funding.

Academic Qualifications

  • A doctoral degree
  • Preferably, a scientific publication record
  • Preferably, at least two years of research experience after the PhD
  • Solid research competence, methods and writing skills

Please describe your thematic research experience and interests, your methodological skills and how they relate to CMIs thematic research topics ( and CMIs strategy.

Other key qualifications:

In order to thrive at CMI, you need a set of qualifications beyond being a strong academic. Please describe your experience in each of the areas below. Limited competence in one area can be compensated by a stronger record in others.

Motivation: Please describe your motivation for working at CMI. Relating to the description in the call of what it entails to be a researcher at CMI.
Project development skills and entrepreneurship: All research at CMI requires fundraising, and our researchers are the driving force in project development. Fundraising entails writing research project proposals and communicating with potential funders. An entrepreneurial attitude is essential. Please give a detailed account of your skills, experience, and track record with project development and fundraising.
Engagement with policy and practice: CMI aims to provide research-based knowledge that informs and inspires policy and practice. This entails interaction with user groups, policy- makers and practitioners. Please describe your experiences and relevant skills.
Field experience: Field experience is important for gaining deep insight about development challenges. Please describe your experience.
Versatility: Working at CMI, it is an advantage to be interested in a variety of themes and geographical areas, and to be open to different methodological and disciplinary approaches. Please indicate any thematic, geographic or methodological interests beyond your current focus and describe your experience with and attitude to cross-disciplinary work.
Project leadership: Researchers at CMI often manage their own projects, with the support of a professional administration. Please account for your experience and/or skills with leading and administering research.
Research collaboration: Research at CMI involves collaboration with leading international research institutions, including partners in the south. Please account for your collaborative experiences and research network
Popular dissemination: The impact of CMIs research comes partly through popular dissemination and engagement in public debates of relevance to our research. Please account for your experience and skills in working with the media (including social media) or other channels for popular dissemination.
Research ideas: Candidates are encouraged to outline new research ideas for future development of their own research, including thoughts of specific funding opportunities and research partners.

CMI can offer you:

  • The opportunity to be part of the leading multidisciplinary development research institute in Scandinavia and to shape our research agenda and communication outreach
  • A permanent position or tenure track position depending on level of seniority
  • Remuneration commensurate with qualifications and experience
  • Support when moving from abroad
  • A vibrant and international working environment
  • Opportunity to work in Norway, with English as the working language
  • A conducive environment for families with children

Bergen is a picturesque city situated between fjords and mountains, with excellent opportunities for cultural experiences and an active lifestyle.


Your application must include:

  • Application letter, including ideas for future research. The application letter must address the qualification points outlined above. These are: Motivation, Academic qualification, Project development skills and entrepreneurship, Engagement with policy and practice, Field experience, Versatility, Project leadership, Research collaboration, Popular dissemination, and Research ideas.
  • CV (include information relevant to the items listed above, including information that sheds light on your degree of personal initiative.)
  • Copies of a maximum of three academic pieces for evaluation.
  • A minimum of three references, including phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
  • One reference letter.

The application deadline is the 15th of September 2022.

We only accept applications via the JobbNorge recruitment platform.

Questions regarding the positions can be directed to:

Research Professor, Odd-Helge Fjeldstad
E-mail: [email protected]

Questions regarding the recruitment platform JobbNorge can be directed to:

Head of HR, Hanna Fløysvik.
E-mail: [email protected]
Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI)

CMI is an independent, non-profit, development research institute based in Bergen, Norway, with around 100 staff members. In cooperation with partners from all over the world, we address key development challenges in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

We combine high quality research with an engagement to make knowledge accessible and used. We work in multi-disciplinary teams, where the main disciplines are economics, political science, and social anthropology. We have an international staff and a vibrant working environment.

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