About Us

The Global South Dialogue on Economic Crimes Network seeks to advance dialogue, research, and capacity on economic and financial crimes

The Global South Dialogue on Economic Crimes Network (GSDEC) is an interdisciplinary platform for advancing dialogue, research, and capacity on economic and financial crimes. Its mission is to inform, influence, and improve researchers’ and stakeholders’ involvement in deliberations to curb illicit activities. Stakeholders include policymakers, enforcement officers, bankers, governments whose actions and inactions could lead to or combat illicit financial activities.

With stakeholders at the forefront of combating these crimes, GSDEC is focused on facilitating practical, innovative, and research-oriented responses to address complex economic crime challenges in the Global South. This initiative is coming at a time when the economic growth of Global South countries is undercut by illicit activities, thereby hindering their projected development.

Our stakeholder involvement is geared at engineering and facilitating in-country knowledge and expertise, whilst endeavoring to provide a platform for Global South academics and stakeholders to share their research. We offer support to early-career researchers in the dissemination of their research outputs. 

In line with its mission, GSDEC will project the expertise of leading stakeholders and members who are extensively involved in combating economic and financial crimes across the Global South. We believe that this would facilitate interdisciplinary dialogue and projects that would improve the Global South’s capability to effectively respond to illicit crimes.

GSDEC uses the following channels in disseminating research outputs: conferences, webinars, blog posts, academic publications, interviews, and media content. We also share recent news, events, and opportunities in the space of economic and financial crimes.