Global South dialogue to hold webinar on ‘unexplained wealth’

The Global South Dialogue on Economic Crime (GSDEC) has announced it will hold a webinar on June 29, 2022, as part of its campaign to draw attention to thought-provoking issues concerning financial crimes.

The webinar themed “Unexplained Wealth – A Global Perspective” is to help strengthen the legal architecture for confronting financial crimes and benefits to criminal justice systems from the use of Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs), according to a press release signed by Folashade Adeyemo, a member of the organising committee.

“The Hajiyeva case decided in 2020 by the UK Supreme Court, upholding an order of unexplained wealth set a historic precedent in this under-researched area,” GSDEC said. “That decision requires individuals and legal entities to provide information about the source of money where the lifestyle and wealth amassed do not match the income of the individual.”

Furthermore, speakers and panelists for the webinar include leading experts and scholars on financial crimes from across the globe, with Nicholas Ryder, a Professor of Law at the University of the West of England, as the keynote speaker.

The experts will examine the regulatory and legal frameworks on unexplained wealth in African and non-African countries while also discussing practical measures which could be instrumental to stamping down on corruption and tackling the larger issue of financial and economic crime.

Supported by the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) Fund and the University of Reading ECR Fund, conversations at the webinar will take a multi-jurisdictional approach as they centre on problems emerging from the use of UWOs in the property sector.

Originally published by Businessday

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