Dr. Malala joins the University of Warwick

Dr. Joy Malala joins the University of Warwick as Assistant Professor of Law. She will be teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students Commercial Law, International Commercial Law as well as International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation.  She was previously a Lecturer at Aston University for a few years. Prior to that, she was a lecturer and the Research Director at Strathmore University in Nairobi Kenya.

Dr. Malala is excited about continuing her research in the socio-legal and political landscape of FinTech in the Global South. There she will be exploring, the ways in which, ‘Financial Inclusion’ and ‘Access to Finance’ have continued to elicit a lot of debates and critique due in part to the (un)intended consequences of these innovations. She will explore the ways in which poor people in the Global South are framed to the wider global economy, as new markets for western neoliberal ideals, particularly the ways in which FinTech and BigTech have co-opted these terms to push them into new markets. She will also continue her research in  how law and policy is designed and should be imagined, particularly, through the increase of over indebtedness, one of the darker underbellies of digital microcredit.

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