University of Warwick’s School of Law Wraps Up Successful Financial Crime Symposium with GSDEC

The University of Warwick’s School of Law, in collaboration with the University of Liverpool, Lancaster University, and the Global South Dialogue on Economic Crime, has successfully concluded its three-day Financial Crime Symposium. The event, held at the Scarman Conference Hall, University of Warwick, brought together academics and experts from various jurisdictions to explore the theme of “Financial Crime Across Disciplines: A Global South Perspective.”

The symposium featured robust discussions on a wide range of topics related to the Financial Crime theme, including Financial Crime Measures in Informal Sectors, Legal Frameworks’ Efficacy against Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, Fraud in Authorized Push Payments, Unintended Consequences of Financial Action Task Force Mutual Evaluation Reports, Underground Banking, Cryptocurrency Regulation, Equity in the Financial Services Sector, Proceeds of Crime and Assets Recovery, and Strengthening Global Governance.

Representatives from Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Canada, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Indonesia, Zambia, Somalia, the Republic of Turkiye, South Africa, and the UK provided valuable insights, enriching the discourse with their diverse perspectives.

Key figures present at the symposium included Dr Nkechi Valerie Azinge-Egbiri (University of Lancaster), Dr Lovina Otudor (Global South Dialogue on Economic Crime), Dr Joy Malala (University of Warwick), Chukwuemeka Castro Nwabuzor (University of Warwick), Benedikt Barthelmess (Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research), Mohamed Abdiaziz Muse (University of Lagos), Umut Balci (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkiye), Janel Viljoen (University of Pretoria), Michele Riccardi (Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore), among others, who played a pivotal role in making the symposium a dynamic and engaging platform.

The symposium’s three days were marked by intellectual discussions and an academic exchange of ideas, shaping the discourse on the multifaceted impact of financial crime. The collective expertise of keynote speaker Iwa Salami and moderators, including Joy Malala, PhD, Nkechi Valerie Azinge-Egbiri, PhD, Dr. Lovina Otudor, and others, set the stage for forward-thinking papers that are expected to shape the conversation on financial crime in the Global South and in other jurisdictions.

Reflecting on the event’s success, the organizers expressed their enthusiasm for the impactful conversations and collaborative exploration of financial crime issues in the Global South. The symposium provided a dynamic platform for sharing innovative insights and solutions, thanks to the diversity of perspectives contributed by participants from around the world.

Looking ahead, they expressed excitement about the impactful papers and research that will emerge from the discussions, emphasizing that the symposium’s success is a testament to the commitment and engagement of every participant; and expressing hope that the symposium would mark the beginning of a broader conversation that is expected to significantly contribute to the understanding of financial crime in the Global South.

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