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The Global South Dialogue on Economic Crimes Network seeks to advance dialogue, research, and capacity on economic and financial crimes

Dr Gopala Sasie Rekha

Lecturer in Law


Sasie is the Lecturer in Criminology at the Faculty of Law, Crime & Justice, University of Winchester, and a Subject External Examiner for the New College of the Humanities. She is currently a member of the British Society of Criminology Learning and Teaching Network, the Women, Crime and Criminal Justice Network (part of the British Society of Criminology), and a few other societies. Throughout her 13 years in academia, both in Malaysia and in England, she has developed an interest in organized crime (mainly human trafficking), the reintegration of victims, their families, and the traffickers families, the policing of transnational crime, comparative criminal justice and criminal law, human rights, and gender issues in Southeast Asia. Currently, apart from developing a new course on Modern Slavery and working on a few articles, Sasie is also working on a monograph book series on the life of sex trafficking victims and their experiences after being trafficked. This includes the experience of victims’ families during the reintegration process. To do so, she employs field experiments in developing countries as well as looking at the issues of migrant smuggling and anti-slavery law in various countries and analyzing them. She has also adopted various methodologies in her data collection with a different group of respondents, which included not only the victims but also their families and members of NGOs. The book is based on her Ph.D. thesis, which she successfully defended in Sociology, Social Policy, and Criminology at the University of Southampton.


University of Winchester