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Rita Julien

Visiting Assistant Professor of Tax Law


Rita Julien is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Tax Law at NYU School of Law. Her research has focused on international taxation, including tax treaties, tax law in the European Union, and reform efforts to address base erosion and profit shifting. She also conducts research on the intersection between tax law and efforts to counteract corruption and illicit financial flows, in particular through unexplained wealth laws, as part of the WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) Global Tax Policy Center’s Tax Transparency and Corruption Project in association with the World Bank, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the African Tax Institute (ATI). She obtained her doctoral degree in business law at the WU and was awarded the 2020 European Doctoral Tax Thesis Award, jointly by the EATLP and European Commission, as well as a Wolfgang Gassner Science Prize. She obtained an LLM in Taxation from Georgetown Law, where she was a Graduate Tax Scholar, and an LLM from the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance of the University of Luxembourg, with a specialization in European and International Tax Law. As a Teaching and Research Associate at the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law at the WU, she taught various courses and seminars, on topics including dividends and interest under tax treaties, the methods for the elimination of double taxation, and Austrian tax law. She continues to teach a course each year in the LLM program in International Tax Law in Vienna. In 2022, she was awarded the Thomas Bradbury Chetwood, S.J. Prize in Taxation from Georgetown Law.


NYU; WU Global Tax Policy Center and WU Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law; StAR Initiative (World Bank and UNODC)